Katherine is pleased to introduce the newest representation of her art - Handbags!

Years of thought and planning are realized in this new collection. More patterns will arrive, this is the beginning.

Katherine's handbags are handmade for her by an industry leading manufacturer. There are four styles. Large Totes (LT), Mini Totes (MT), Clutches (Cl), and Cross Body (CB).

The Large and Mini Totes are made of Nappa leather and printed durable Monroe Satin with her images printed on both sides of the bag. Her Clutch and Cross Body bags are completely printed Nappa leather.

Katherine's bags are based on her paintings and each bag is named after the painting that inspired it.

Every bag is handmade and you can find the entire collection at the Gallery to assist in your custom order or contact Katherine to purchase directly.

She hopes the new series brings you joy!

Details and cleaning instructions: Cross Body, Totes, and Clutches.

To ensure your delivery is in time for the holidays, please order by December 1st!